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Chicken Fruit Vegetable Wheat Bread Thing Recipe

28 Feb

I don’t even know what you call this.  But, my kids requested it for lunch after we had it for dinner, so I figured it was blog worthy.Now, I am no pro in the kitchen.  I can’t taste something and tell you what’s inside.  I call my sisters in the middle of new recipes all the time for translation.  But, since I’m married to a pretty healthy eater (who totally imposes his healthy views on his family…sheesh!), figuring out  something that’s a step above the taste of cardboard gets me pretty excited.  And for the record, we (the kids and I) do enjoy cookies, french fries, candies and pastries whenever we get the chance.

There’s a “topping” and a “spread” and the bread.  I really wanted to make bagels for the first time for this, but I didn’t have the time, so I bought (well, my sister picked it up from Costco for me) the bread.  Although I did make bagels that night and I am in LOVE.  But, this bread is awesome anyway, I love it.For the “topping,” I just chopped up apples, cucumbers & threw in Craisins.  You could change this up depending on your crowd…more veggies, more fruits, whatever!I cooked some chicken breast in my super awesome oil core electric skillet.  It keeps it really moist.  If I didn’t do that, I’d probably boil it so that it doesn’t dry out.  Just dice it up.Then, I tossed it all together.For the “spread,” I just combined some cream cheese, ranch powder & some milk.  I creamed it together as best I could.I toasted the bread.  You don’t have to, but it does help keep the bread firm so that it can hold all the toppings.

Swipe on a little of the spread, scoop on your toppings and that’s it!  Kid’s love it!  Hubby loves it!  I love it!  It’s easy!  I’m happy!Pretend not to notice the paper plate.  It was an “I don’t wanna do dishes” kind of night.

Here’s the breakdown:

Makes about 10-12.  In my house, that’s about 4-6 servings.  It just depends on your eaters.


1  apple

1/2 Cucumber

3/4 C of Craisins

2 Chicken Breasts (I added nothing to the breasts)


Approx 4 oz (a block is 8 oz) of cream cheese

1/3 packet of a powdered Ranch sauce

About 1/4 C of milk.  Add milk slowly until you reach a peanut butter-like consistency.  I used powdered milk because it was all I had, but I bet whole milk would taste great…or even heavy cream!!

Any bread will do.

If you do make it, I’d like to know what you think.  Or at least what my kids could call it in place of, “that thing you made with the sauce and the bread and the stuff on top.”



Pigs Love Potatoes…And Baked French Fries!

6 Sep

Today, we read the book, “Pigs Love Potatoes"".”  It’s a really fun counting book.  As we were reading, my son was starting to recognize the numbers in “words,” so that’s really exciting.  After we finished the book, we located Idaho on the map since that’s where lots of potatoes come from.  We put my good friend’s picture on there because she’s from Idaho.  I’m sure she’s thrilled to have her head on our wall :).

After that, we made some homemade baked fries.  He cleaned the potatoes and I let him peel one of them.  I wish I let him peel earlier, because he did such a great job.I found some recipes online and took a little of each to come up with our concoction.  First, I cut them all to look like “french fries.”Next, we put it in a huge bowl and added olive oil,paprika,salt,chili powder,pepper,and garlic powder.This is how it looks.Then, I had the chefs stir it all up.When we were finished, we decided that instead of running the oven twice, we’d just hold off until dinner time to cook it.  We baked it at 400 degrees at true convection (425 with standard baking) for about 20 minutes.  Really, I don’t measure if I don’t have to, so I just guessed how much to put in.  When you bake things, you can use a bit more seasoning that you normally would because they lose some of the taste in the bake (I learned that on the internet).  In keeping with my habits, I usually determine bake time by how it looks.  So, when it was a little golden, we pulled it out.I didn’t get a “final” picture because the hubby had to run off to a meeting so we were trying to hurry and get dinner on so we could eat before he left.  The kids loved it.  My oldest boy told me that it was much better than McDonalds because I put love in it.  He’s such a charmer.

Back to the lesson.  He was dying to use his new set of Prismacolor Colored Pencils"", so he did a “real life” drawing (and coloring) of a potato.  He noticed that it kind of has a “greenish” tone, so he put a lot of green in there.I thought it came out great.  It’s a simple drawing, but he thought it was so cool that his creation looked just like the real thing.  Sometimes, we get so in to the lesson that forget about the other little person.  She was hiding in the cupboard with her finger in a jar of Nutella!Never a dull moment.

Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts & Picky Eaters

13 Aug

Remember when I talked about my picky eater?  Well, I’ve found another thing that seems to work.
This is packaging from the boxes of Hawaiian Host chocolate covered macadamia nuts.  It’s a good thing I was able to make sure all the chocolate was eaten so that we could use these containers!!!Please pardon the crappy iPhone pics.

Winter Focus with Polar Bears

8 Jul

Yesterday, we had a few friends for some activities.  The focus was winter and Polar Bears based on the Magic Tree House book, Polar Bears at Bedtime.  Here are a few activities we did.

We made snowflakes using this formula here  The kids had to take these home to wait for the result that looks like this.  The crystals are more visible than in the picture.

Next, we made igloos with marshmallows, toothpicks and a little bit of frosting.
Finally, we had a polar bear snack.  I changed a few of the recipe items, but I got this idea here.  I used those round flat breads and cream cheese.He said that the banana peel is his halo.  Ha!

Picky Eater?

5 Jul

Not that kind of “picky” eater!I’ve never had a picky eater.  My kids pretty much eat and enjoy (my grandma taught me not to LOVE your food…only to ENJOY it…we LOVE people) anything edible.  I couldn’t understand all this “picky eater” business.  Until #4.  What a pain in the rear!  Some days you just let them eat whatever they want so that they get food in their bodies.  Other days, you remember that if you don’t give them exactly what they want, they won’t starve…and eventually they’ll eat.  I’ve gone some days where she just eats snacks.  And then the next day I’m trying to make up for it, so I give her eggs with every meal.  Well, I’ve recently discovered that she’ll do almost anything…if it comes on a toothpick!

Here, I started with just the ham.  Then, I added the raisin and cheese.  She sat and ate about two dozen of these.  It is super easy to prepare.  I actually ended up just giving her only about six at a time because I didn’t want to waste any of it.  So, I just re-loaded the toothpicks between feedings.

See, she did great with the toothpicks!

Today, I’m going to take leftover chicken and cut them in to squares with little chunks of cheese.  She doesn’t do milk (another weird phenomenon!), so I’m always giving her cheese.Not sure if there’s a correlation, but for the most part, I didn’t give my first three sweets until they were at least a year.  This little girl pretty much got whatever she wanted thanks to her older sibs.  I wonder if that has something to do with her being picky.

Do you have a picky eater?  Any suggestions?