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A Sea Glass Wedding On The Ocean

8 Feb

Gosh it’s taken me a long time to find the time to get to this post.   And, to save time, this is mainly just going to be a post of pictures.  There are soooo many.  Please pardon the lack of order.  WordPress is not the most user-friendly for inserting a lot of pictures, so it was taking too long to organize it.  I really had to cut out a lot of good ones.  I wish I could post pictures of everyone.  I didn’t get any great ones of just my brother and his wife.  There was an “official” photographer, so she took care of that.This is my oldest brother with my youngest brother.  Both of their wives are natives of the Philippines.It was a LOVELY event.  It was so elegant and so beautiful.  We love love love our new sister-in-law!  We are so happy for my brother.  They make a beautiful couple.As for my kids and their wedding attire, I really wanted them to “coordinate.”  The only way to do that I realized was to sew the clothes myself, so I sewed my daughters’ dresses.  I was pretty excited about my older daughter’s dress because I “designed” that one in my head, then on paper and it came out as I imagined.  My little one’s dress started off as a peasant dress, but it wasn’t happening…so I did a bunch of stuff to make it look the way it did and I was really happy with how it turned out.Everyone had a great time planning and putting things together.  With my sister-in-law (who did the jewelry) as the coordinator, we were quite the wedding force.  Everything was beautiful.  All of the vases were re-used from past weddings in our family.  The decor was so incredibly budget friendly.  The reception was held at my brother’s home turned vacation rental.  The setting was perfect.For the food, we all took care of a dish or two.  Everyone kind of does at least one dish really well…so we stuck with that.  The food was so amazing.  Here’s my dad at the stove.The company was fabulous.  It was a small-ish reception in that it was just the family.  So, including my grandma (who is 90 years old and has more energy than me!), that makes 38 of us.  My sister and her husband who currently (not permanently 😉 ) live in California, came so it was really nice having our whole family together in the temple.The bride’s sister flew in from the mainland and she has a cousin that lives here who was able to attend.  My daughter and my niece are excited about their new aunty!That’s my Crafty SIL/Jewelry Store/Wedding Coordinator on the left…and one of my ultra fabulous baby-sitter nieces on the right.  As you can see, height does not run in our family.

Here are a few candids…All the little ones loved walking through these crystal strands.My kids love all their older cousins.We got the idea for these monogram letters from Pinterest.  My mom cut them out of pine wood and painted them.  They were a really nice touch.We brought the letters inside to hang on the wall once the dinner started.My sister did the same thing under these plates that she did at the shower.Here she is with my oldest niece.  Sometimes we suspect they were made from the same mold.I love this boy…and his smile.One of my super-dependable baby sitter nieces and my nephew…son of the groom.Strategizing the cake cutting.Daughter of the groom…she got him good!I love this shot my sister-in-law took.  The sky is a perfect backdrop.Look how much spunk my grandma has.  And that’s my “Martha Stewart Sister” who doubles as a pastry chef.  Very handy to have around.  I love that she lives about a minute away from my house.This is the sea-glass candy she made that I talked about at the end of this post.My daughter and my niece had fun with my camera for about 10 minutes….I have so many pictures of my sister here…she’s setting up something in almost every single one.Here’s my cute niece sneaking (getting caught) a plate of cake in a dark corner of the room.

And here’s my daughter…not so sneaky with her cake.  It kept her busy while we were cleaning up.Boys Club.And more candids. Everyone loved the edible pearls.As you can see, it was a lovely event that we were all thrilled to be a part of.  Congratulations to K & J and the beginning of their new life together.


WE made bread today

18 Oct

She had a little fun before clean up.
At least she tried to clean up.

Catching Up

17 Oct

My month long “illness” has finally worked itself out.  I have a lot of catching up to do.My daughter’s class beach day.And my first attempt at a teriyaki chicken musubi that went over really well.Witnessing a beautiful act of love and friendship.A Football Game.My son’s class beach day.Our old neighbor and great friends missed us so much they came back for a week to visit.  A great dinner at PF Changs.Oh, and they did some work/school stuff since they were here too.Late night with Daddy.A great day at the zoo.  (side note: You can now pay for parking at the Honolulu Zoo by credit card…no more quarters!)He was so in to the map, he navigated us around the zoo the whole time. Peek-a-BooA failed attempt at what I hoped to be a great Halloween tee.  She was super cute,but ended up really creepy.  I guess I still achieved the Halloween look.Getting stuck in the “doll house garage.”And finally, her first time falling asleep at dinner.  This is how I feel right about now.  G’night!

Inexpensive Spoons That Are Not BENDY!

5 Aug

When I was cooking dinner, I left my cheap Wal Mart spoon sitting against the hot pot and it looks like it should’ve melted, but it didn’t. Then I was reminded of a time when I first bought these cheap FOUR FOR A DOLLAR spoons.  I bought them to use as part of the party favors for my daughter’s baking themed birthday party. We baked a bazillion cookies and in the process of taking pans in and out of the oven, I must’ve left the spoon on one of the pans.  Anyway, it made it through the entire “bake” and came out with NO BURNS!  My sister and I both expected to pick up a soft BENDY spoon, but it was perfect!  They are really hard too.  So when you’re stirring a dense dough or a big pot of anything, the spoon moves where you move it.  See all the spoons we used that day! It’s not BENDY.  So, at four for a buck, I highly recommend these super inexpensive spoons.  They’d be great to accessorize gifts for Christmas or kitchen themed wedding showers too.  And the best part, if you’re trying to be more diligent about doing  your part to not purchase items made in China, if you do pick these up, your buck stays IN THE USA BABY!

p.s.  The clip from Friends where Pheobe introduces the word, “bendy” is one of my favorites, but keep in mind, it’s not exactly G-rated.

A Short Walk Along The Water

3 Aug

A couple of weeks ago I was visiting with my grandma who lives on the water.  A few lots down, my dad is building “phase I” of his new house.  It’s actually a comfortable little place above the garage. That day, they were pouring the driveway, so I went for a walk to check out the progress of the house and the driveway.  On my way there, I came upon this surprise: It was my son and my nieces and nephew.  They were taking the kayaks out (from my grandma’s house).  It was a nice surprise (and thankfully I had my phone to snap a pic) and I think they had fun waving and having their picture taken too!

These iPhone pics kind of make it look like footage of refugees.

It’s A Wrap!

1 Aug

She has been working on finding her way into the “wraps drawer” for a while now. Thanks to this “old, but new to us” stool, she made it to the top of the mountain.  She was pretty excited.  A few feet of Saran Wrap was worth the few minutes of productivity for me!  Thanks McKenna and Alyssa!

Lanikai Trail or Pillbox Hike

17 Jul

We (my siblings) got together to take the kids on a hike.We had heard mixed reviews about whether or not this hike was kid friendly.  It was definitely a steep hike.
  We had four babies on back packs.  Lots of sliding down steep little hills.  But, it was lots of fun.  I’m looking forward to going again when the hubby is off of work.
If you look at the top, you can see the pillbox.  Don’t laugh, but a bunch of us did just wear slippers.We didn’t actually make it to the top.  We were concerned about the safety of the four and unders.  It was still an amazing hike with incredible views.  Here we are at the end just taking a break before we all head to the beach.This hike was a good reminder of the power of God and how incredible this earth that He created is.  I’m looking forward to doing it again!