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Alive and Well!

10 Apr

I don’t know what’s gotten into me, but I feel the need to post something today.  It’s only been TWO YEARS!  There’s so much that’s gone on I wouldn’t even know where to start.  So, for today, I’ll just post today.  We had a great time at grandma’s house for school today (Did I mention I’m homeschooling four kids this year???).  The pictures tell the story.  We love grandma’s house.






Back to School!

23 Aug


Wow…it’s so quiet!  Baby is sleeping.  Girls Club is in session (not at my house) and the rest are back in school.  They have been counting down the days and are excited to be back with their friends and their fabulous teachers.  I can’t believe how old they are getting.  Makes me kinda sad.


It’s taking me a bit to figure out what I want to do first…not sure what to do with myself right now!  In a good way.



A Very Sick Baby & Lots of Blessings

10 Jul


Just as I was getting back into the blogging mode again…my baby decided to get sick.  I debated blogging about it because in the blog world, you kind of have to decide how personal you want your blog to be.  But, there were so many blessings that came in spite of everything that I thought it was worth posting about.  That being said, I’ll spare you ALL the details, but I’ll just say that this was the scariest experience of my life (as a mother) and probably the worst experience of my life.

In a nutshell, my baby developed urosepsis (something I knew nothing about). Her fever was 103.5 then plummeted to 94.9.  When I got that reading, I pretty much freaked out.  I quickly told my husband to give her a blessing.  There were a lot of other terrible things that her body did in the next few hours, but what I really want to remember is that when we went outside to wait for the ambulance at about 10pm (I think), my nurse neighbor just so happened to be outside (Blessing can you say?!!!).  We called her over and she gave a quick assessment and told us exactly what was going on and to get our butts to the hospital.  She told us not to speed (her dear husband is a police officer), but we did not listen.

SIDENOTE: My house was a MESS!!!!!  She stayed with my kids until my parents got there!!!  Love her for that…but still, my house was a mess!!!  In my defense, we were on the tail end of a house full of stomach bug people.  Still, a blessing.  Normally, I could have called on my sister to watch my kids, but she was out of town, so having my sweet neighbor there made it so that I didn’t have to wait to go to the hospital.  Did I mention my house was a mess?????!

We opted NOT to go in the ambulance because they wouldn’t have taken us to our hospital of choice.  The ER doc made an erroneous call on her condition and being that I was armed with the knowledge my neighbor provided me with (again…a blessing!), I was able to push (demand) that the pediatrician come and see her.  Once the Peds came to the ER, they pretty much high tailed us out of the ER.  You know how doctors have to be polite to other doctors; never undermine each other?   I appreciated the “What the h-ll” face the pediatrician obviously directed to the ER doc when she came to see my baby.

Once we were moved to the PICU, it was all hands on deck.  I’m so thankful for all the work that the nurses and doctors did on her as awful as it was to watch.  Everyone fell in love with her squishy body.  They are used to seeing skinny babies and they couldn’t get over her chubs.  I can’t say enough about how determined everyone was to making her better as fast as they could.  Then, for the duration of our stay there  they would pop in and check on her even though they weren’t “assigned” as her nurse.

Other blessings:

We knew she had a UTI because they found it when I was in the clinic earlier that day.  She didn’t have obvious signs yet of going septic.  They gave her two shots of antibiotics.

Normally, we love her chubs, but in the hospital, her healthy physique made it extremely difficult to see her veins.  There were at least 17 attempts at getting an IV on her.  Many different departments tried.  ER, Pediatrics, NICU, Anesthesia, multiple nurses & finally, the NICU doc from another hospital all took a few stabs at it…literally.  The couple of times that they were able to get a vein, it would collapse.  I feel so very blessed that she already had the antibiotics in her system from the clinic that day.  It was starting to fight the bacteria.  Because of the bacteria going to her blood, they really needed her to get the medicine through an IV since it’s a more direct route than the shot.  Having failed at getting an IV, the doctor wanted to put in a central line (which scared the crap out of me).  They also considered a spinal tap.  BUT, because of her quick response to the meds (via the shots) and drinking pedialite like it was going out of style, they felt like the path we were on was working.  She was responding good to the treatment.

Part of the decision for not doing the spinal was based on the fact that the doc assumed she had her two month vaccinations because the computer system didn’t flag her like it should have.   There is a vaccination they get at two months that prevents meningitis.  If she was flagged that the vaccinations weren’t given (I felt like an awful mom when the doc realized she didn’t get them), they for sure would have done the tap.  Why is that a good thing?  Doing a spinal tap can be very risky.  On the other hand, having bacteria in the spine is life threatening.  Why I feel blessed?  We were able to avoid three VERY invasive procedures on a little four month body.  The spinal tap and the central line.  The central line would have required not just the insertion of the line, but they also would have had to put her under anesthesia.  I am sooooooo grateful that things happened the way that they did and she was able to avoid all those procedures.

Thank you to everyone who specifically prayed that she would not have to do the central line.  Thank you mom for putting her name in the temple.  Once the decision was made not to do the line OR the tap, I almost passed out because I was so relieved (and slightly sleep deprived).  It was an indication to me that the worst was over.  I’m so thankful to my parents and sister for helping out with my kids so much since my husband couldn’t get away from work.  I was able to really just focus on her and know that I really didn’t have to worry my other kids because they were in such good hands.

This is her in the PICU…she’s a teeny bit too big for that warmer 🙂

IMG_2604Here she is a day later after we finally graduated to a normal room.  She doesn’t look like a sick baby…smiled at everyone the whole time.

The nurses brought her this hat to help keep her from losing body heat.


This was the night before we went home.  It’s 3am and they are trying to get her body temp back up so they put her to sleep on warmers and one of my favorite nurses made her this cute hat out of a onesie!


Here she is…ready to go home after five days in the hospital.  She’s so happy to be away from all the poking and prodding.  Don’t be jealous of her leg warmers!IMG_2659

I feel so incredibly blessed.  I know families endure much worse medical experiences for their little ones.  I am thankful that this was something that was treatable.  I hated watching my baby go through this.  But, I’ve learned that although the Lord doesn’t shield us from awful experiences, he lovingly provides tender mercies.  That way, while we have to go through the junk stuff, we can feel His love and know that He is aware of our concerns.  Once I started recognizing the blessings, I had hope that she would be okay.  And she is.  We’ve spent waaaayyy too much time in the hospital both during the pregnancy and after.  I hope we’ve done our time and we don’t have to do it anymore.

You’d never know what a sick little duck she was just a little bit ago.


*The first picture at the top is the first time we got to hold her outside of the incubator thingy.

I completed my project and I’m back!

11 Jun

It’s been a while!  I’ve been busy (miserable) working on this project which was really not fun at all.  But, in the end, as with all really hard projects, they always come out better than you imagined.


She’s so perfect.  I was in the hospital for five days…and while it was a lot more than I had anticipated, it was great to hang out with just her for that long.  I love her so much.


Meeting her for the first time.  I’ve done this five times and they are by far my best moments in life.  The other great moments are when the rest of the kids get to meet their new sibling.
IMG_1067 IMG_1062 IMG_1035 IMG_1050

Here she is at three months with her favorite person who is not a food producing machine.

IMG_2494Our wild family of seven on her blessing day.

IMG_2679So, it’s been busy around here.  But, there are so many things I want to share and remember.  So hopefully I’ll keep my word this time and really keep up with this blog.  For now, I’m going to lie down and squeeze next to this squishy face.IMG_2534

Be An Example

23 Jan

Back in December, my son was making an ipu in his class. An ipu has a variety of uses in old Hawai’i, but for my son’s class, it will be used as a hawaiian instrument. After they cleaned their gourds on the beach with sand, they cut them open and cleaned them out.Then, they made cording to use as a strap (pretend not to notice the nails that need to be cut and cleaned).While my son’s class was working on this, I was moving from in and out of the classroom depending on the “station” that I needed to be at. My two youngest were moving with me. Without any instruction, my daughter sat down, grabbed a piece of my son’s cording and attempted to make her own.This was a powerful reminder for me about how we teach our children. It really doesn’t matter what we say. At the end of the day, how they really learn is by watching what we do.

And with that, check back tomorrow…I can’t wait to share a few posts relating to this fabulous event we had this past Friday!

Fully Potty Trained!!!

11 Jan

Yay!  Today was a celebration.My youngest went to bed with “big girl panties” and woke up dry!!!  I consider my kids fully potty trained when a) They can tell me when they have to go 2) we can go places without a diaper AND 3) sleep through the night without a diaper and wake up dry.

She graduated to an advanced degree in potty training as she also did TWO public restrooms in two days…yuck!!!  And here she is all cocky and proud of herself.It was fun looking through coupons tonight and seeing $1.00 off of Pampers and wanting to “clip it,” and then remembering that I didn’t have too!!!  Yay!!!

Hello GOALS 2012

2 Jan

Wow!  It’s been two months!!!The only reason that I have for not blogging is simply that I didn’t have time.  As much as I love blogging for me, it’s just not high on the priority list of things that I HAVE TO get done.  So, it took the back seat during all the Christmas programs and school activities, crafts that had to be made, gifts that needed to be sewn and parties that needed to be attended to.  I have so many things I want to blog about (coming in the next few posts), but for now, we’ll start off the year with goals.For Family Home Evening tonight, we set our goals for 2012.  If I’ve learned anything about goal setting, it’s that they are no good without a plan.  So, as we set our goals, we also made our plan (download at the bottom).  And new this year, I added a “check-in” date.  That’s a date that we put on the calendar to see how we’re doing.  If we’re doing great or we’ve mastered a goal, that would be a good time to set a new goal.  If our action plan isn’t working out, adjustments can be made at that time.  I think this new “check-in” date will be good for incentivizing us too.  The kids had a great time as we put each person’s date on the calendar.  They were different for different events.

Each person had a spiritual goal and two personal goals.  I have a few more than that floating around in my head, but for the family, this was a good amount.  For my spiritual goal, I will be following along with my Sunday School lessons and my Relief Society lessons on my own.  I teach nursery (18 months to 3 years) during these lessons, so I do not get to attend.  For my action plan, I will study one lesson book from Sunday to Tuesday and the other from Wednesday to Friday.My personal goal #1 is to flatten that belly!  For January, I’ll be doing CrossFit twice a week.  February will be three times a week and in March I’ll jump to five days a week.  March 31st is my check-in date.  The hubby is a certified CrossFit guy, so I highly doubt I’ll miss my mark on this one.  He’s kind of pushy encouraging when it comes to working out.

Personal goal #2 is to BE BETTER.  This includes being more organized, talking kinder, yelling less, etc.  I was inspired by this church message.  A lot of being better for me requires more sleep and more organization.  So, for 2012, it’s to bed by 12 (I know this is really late for some people, but it would be a dramatic improvement for me!) and shower by 10.  It seems like when I shower earlier, I go to bed earlier.  Then, I will operate with an organizational plan for the kids which includes some new responsibilities for them and less for me.  I will also operate with a monthly plan, broken down to a weekly and daily “to do” list.  I’ve done this before and it works beautifully.  I just need to stick to it this time.

The kids came up with some great stuff. (The yellow just hides his sister’s name 😉Some of it will really challenge them, but it’s totally do-able.  My five year old wants to be obedient!  I was so happy!!!  His action plan consists of picking up his dirty laundry, taking his dishes to the sink without being told, and always FLUSHING THE TOILET!!!  My daughter who will be baptized in April wants to read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover before her baptism.  She has a chart that she will follow to keep her on track.  My oldest boy wants to be the best basketball player he can be.  He and my husband came up with his action plan.  It makes little sense to me, but they seem to get it.  I love how enthusiastic everyone was.  Now we just need to stick to the plan.

So, there it is.  I blogged about it, so now it’s “in writing.”

You can download a goal setting forms below.

goal setting form as pdf 2012

goal setting form as excel spread sheet 2012