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Painting Outside

3 Nov

My kids paint quite a bit.  We mostly do it inside.My sister has morning sickness…yuck!  So we went over to her house to keep her kids (and mine) busy for a little bit.We decided to paint outside.I realized that painting outside is so much better.  Not just for the clean up either.  I’m not watching to make sure they don’t get paint on everything.  They don’t have to be so careful.  Look how much more fun it is.And cleaning up is so easy.This was a fun day.  I think anything outside is more fun.


Sand and Glue Art

28 Oct

My sister has been sanding her exterior stairs and was planning on repainting them and adding sand to keep from slipping.  She was supposed to finish them today, but instead she ended up using the sand to make sand art with glue.  We were the lucky recipients of her procrastination.My kids loved it!
This is my niece giving my daughter’s pet Dasher some love.  Isn’t she pretty?

Glass rocks and marbles

27 Oct

This have been REALLY busy around here.  You know how in December, you can’t really look at what you have going on the whole week because it’s all so overwhelming.  So, you just look 24 hours ahead.  I feel like we’re in that mode right now.  The other night I had a headache (still leftover from whatever virus or bacteria I have lingering inside me).  The hubby’s been really busy with work and church stuff lately, so no one was around (kids were sleeping…where she should have been!) to really give me the few minutes I needed to chill out.I bought all these glass rocks on clearance for about $0.25 a bag.  I didn’t have room to store them at the time that I bought them as we weren’t living in our home, but I couldn’t pass it up.  I bought a ton.  Although if I saw them again today, I’d but ten times as much.

I remembered them as I was thinking of what I could give her for a few minutes (don’t worry, she’s been around much smaller items and I’m very aware that this could be a choking hazard if I don’t watch her).  What a great buck fifty.  She had a great time moving them between the pan and the plastic container.  This is my “make a mess and destroy everything” girl, so I was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t fly these babies all over the place.At one point, she felt the need to wear gloves.  Go figure.This is a great free play activities for kids of all ages.  Probably adults too.  Lots of small motor exercise.  And if you don’t have a major headache, there’s a lot of counting and color interaction to be had.
She was happy.  I was happy.  It was great.

p.s.  For the record, all the noise of the rocks crashing into the pan didn’t bother me a bit.  It was a little therapeutic actually.

Five Little Pumpkins Custom Book

6 Oct

A few years ago, I made this book for the kids to have for Halloween.  We had done a pumpkin activity and the boys mixed colors to get orange.  Then, they painted these pumpkins and practiced using scissors by cutting out these brown strips of paper.  I laminated it and bound it for the kids, but then I took the electronic copies and emailed to book to friends and family.  I haven’t made a new one this year, but thought you might like to see what you could do to personalize one for your gang.  They still love reading this book and the lamination has kept it in great shape.

This was our family picture at the time…we’re one kid short here.

Halloween Orange

5 Oct

In celebration of Halloween Fun, we busted out the shaving cream

and Tempura paint (powder form).Red-ishplus yellowequals Halloween Orange!And a kid in need of a bath.

Fish Wish

24 Sep

My son’s portfolio is due to his school this Monday, so I have some catching up to do.  This past Thursday we read, “Fish Wish""” by Bob Barner.  It’s a simple fun book about sea creatures.  The pictures are so colorful.  There are so many things you can do with this simple book.  Together, we created a graphic organizer of all the underwater creatures featured in the book.From there, he decided on three animals that he wanted to sculpt with this non-drying clay.  I’m not sure what I think of it.  It’s definitely harder to work with than play-doh (great for strong hand-writing fingers).  I do like that compared to the $1 colored clay we normally buy from Wal Mart, the color does not get on your hands or other things for that matter.I don’t like the colors much.  This is green.  I was hoping for more of a grass green.They are really pretty when you see it like this.  But that pink in there is actually red.  Oh well.  He enjoyed it.I love that after he made his trumpet fish, he wanted to measure it.  Don’t mind the rusted measuring tape.  It’s one of the perks of living in Hawai’i.These were his final creations.   Now off to organizing his portfolio!

Homeschool Lesson Planner Free Downloads

17 Sep

When I started planning out the year, I couldn’t find a lesson plan book that was exactly what I wanted.  I’m a very digital girl, but certain things like lists, note taking and lesson planning, I need to hand write it.  There were a few that almost had everything, but nothing exactly what I wanted.  I’m a visual person and I need to see things a certain way or else I get frustrated.  I want the week, month and year view.  I also want enough space to write in particular spots.  Some planners had too many sections that I wouldn’t use.  Some had not enough.  Too many lines, not enough lines, down instead of across and on and on.  Well, I finally ended up just making my own.  Hopefully some teacher or homeschooling family will find something here that’s useful.  I’m happy because it’s exactly what I need.  And if I ever decide to go digital on this, they are all excel files.  Oh, and for those of you who are like me and spend an hour trying to decide what to do for lunch every day, I added a slot in for that too!

Emmie’s Homeschool Daily Lesson Planner 1 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Daily Lesson Planner 2 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Daily Lesson Planner With Lines 1 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Daily Lesson Planner With Lines 2 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Lesson Planner Wish List

Emmie’s Homeschool Lesson Planner Month At A Glance 1 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Lesson Planner Month At A Glance 2 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Lesson Planner Year At A Glance 1 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Lesson Planner Year At A Glance 2 of 2

Emmie’s Homeschool Lesson Planner Year At A Glance Single Page