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I completed my project and I’m back!

11 Jun

It’s been a while!  I’ve been busy (miserable) working on this project which was really not fun at all.  But, in the end, as with all really hard projects, they always come out better than you imagined.


She’s so perfect.  I was in the hospital for five days…and while it was a lot more than I had anticipated, it was great to hang out with just her for that long.  I love her so much.


Meeting her for the first time.  I’ve done this five times and they are by far my best moments in life.  The other great moments are when the rest of the kids get to meet their new sibling.
IMG_1067 IMG_1062 IMG_1035 IMG_1050

Here she is at three months with her favorite person who is not a food producing machine.

IMG_2494Our wild family of seven on her blessing day.

IMG_2679So, it’s been busy around here.  But, there are so many things I want to share and remember.  So hopefully I’ll keep my word this time and really keep up with this blog.  For now, I’m going to lie down and squeeze next to this squishy face.IMG_2534


Be An Example

23 Jan

Back in December, my son was making an ipu in his class. An ipu has a variety of uses in old Hawai’i, but for my son’s class, it will be used as a hawaiian instrument. After they cleaned their gourds on the beach with sand, they cut them open and cleaned them out.Then, they made cording to use as a strap (pretend not to notice the nails that need to be cut and cleaned).While my son’s class was working on this, I was moving from in and out of the classroom depending on the “station” that I needed to be at. My two youngest were moving with me. Without any instruction, my daughter sat down, grabbed a piece of my son’s cording and attempted to make her own.This was a powerful reminder for me about how we teach our children. It really doesn’t matter what we say. At the end of the day, how they really learn is by watching what we do.

And with that, check back tomorrow…I can’t wait to share a few posts relating to this fabulous event we had this past Friday!

Fully Potty Trained!!!

11 Jan

Yay!  Today was a celebration.My youngest went to bed with “big girl panties” and woke up dry!!!  I consider my kids fully potty trained when a) They can tell me when they have to go 2) we can go places without a diaper AND 3) sleep through the night without a diaper and wake up dry.

She graduated to an advanced degree in potty training as she also did TWO public restrooms in two days…yuck!!!  And here she is all cocky and proud of herself.It was fun looking through coupons tonight and seeing $1.00 off of Pampers and wanting to “clip it,” and then remembering that I didn’t have too!!!  Yay!!!

Gifts I Made This Past Christmas: Baby Ugg Boots

4 Jan

Technically, this is not a Christmas gift, but rather a baby shower gift.  I’ve been wanting to make these for a while now but never made time for it.A baby shower gift for a baby girl whose mom is from Hawai’i, but will be born in freezing cold Germany!
There’s not much to say about this except that this is one of my favorite patterns.

It was really easy and I thought they turned out darn cute.  I’m hoping to make some for my 2 year old soon.  I’ll have to alter the pattern a bit to make it bigger, but I don’t think it will be too hard.

I like them best tall like this.  Don’t they look cozy?  Especially in this freezing Hawai’i weather we’ve been having!

I purchased the pattern from Sweet Pea Patterns on Etsy.

**Update: Sweet Pea Patterns just informed me that you can also purchase the toddler version of her pattern!

Painting Outside

3 Nov

My kids paint quite a bit.  We mostly do it inside.My sister has morning sickness…yuck!  So we went over to her house to keep her kids (and mine) busy for a little bit.We decided to paint outside.I realized that painting outside is so much better.  Not just for the clean up either.  I’m not watching to make sure they don’t get paint on everything.  They don’t have to be so careful.  Look how much more fun it is.And cleaning up is so easy.This was a fun day.  I think anything outside is more fun.

Glass rocks and marbles

27 Oct

This have been REALLY busy around here.  You know how in December, you can’t really look at what you have going on the whole week because it’s all so overwhelming.  So, you just look 24 hours ahead.  I feel like we’re in that mode right now.  The other night I had a headache (still leftover from whatever virus or bacteria I have lingering inside me).  The hubby’s been really busy with work and church stuff lately, so no one was around (kids were sleeping…where she should have been!) to really give me the few minutes I needed to chill out.I bought all these glass rocks on clearance for about $0.25 a bag.  I didn’t have room to store them at the time that I bought them as we weren’t living in our home, but I couldn’t pass it up.  I bought a ton.  Although if I saw them again today, I’d but ten times as much.

I remembered them as I was thinking of what I could give her for a few minutes (don’t worry, she’s been around much smaller items and I’m very aware that this could be a choking hazard if I don’t watch her).  What a great buck fifty.  She had a great time moving them between the pan and the plastic container.  This is my “make a mess and destroy everything” girl, so I was pleasantly surprised that she didn’t fly these babies all over the place.At one point, she felt the need to wear gloves.  Go figure.This is a great free play activities for kids of all ages.  Probably adults too.  Lots of small motor exercise.  And if you don’t have a major headache, there’s a lot of counting and color interaction to be had.
She was happy.  I was happy.  It was great.

p.s.  For the record, all the noise of the rocks crashing into the pan didn’t bother me a bit.  It was a little therapeutic actually.

Halloween Orange

5 Oct

In celebration of Halloween Fun, we busted out the shaving cream

and Tempura paint (powder form).Red-ishplus yellowequals Halloween Orange!And a kid in need of a bath.