Preparing for LDS General Conference

15 Mar

I am teaching Activity Days (for girls age 8-11) tonight.  We are focusing on preparing for the upcoming  General Conference.  I remember feeling so bored when I was a child and really not getting much out of it except that we get to sleep in and eat snacks during conference.  Today of course as a wife and mother, I love every minute of it and try to absorb all of it.  I feel like every word was meant for me and I feel refreshed spiritually and am inspired to be better.

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 1.16.20 PM

I’ve tried some things over the years to help my own children appreciate conference more than I did and to my great pleasure, they seem to get a LOT out of it.  For this conference, I’ve decided to make this printable page for the Activity Days girls.  It’s something I normally do in my scripture journal, but in a much less formal way.  I’m posting it on here since I couldn’t find exactly what I wanted online and hopefully this will help others too.  Most of the top page is for brainstorming.

The section where you list scriptures is a place for you to look up scriptures that may relate to the items you’ve listed.  In the “date,” you would write dates that you will take time to ponder the particular scriptures.  I think that preparing for personal revelation is a process and often doesn’t happen all at once.

When you get to the “cloud,” you should have decided on ONE struggle that you will focus on for conference.

Happy General Conference.  I can’t wait!

download General Conference prep here


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