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Painting Outside

3 Nov

My kids paint quite a bit.  We mostly do it inside.My sister has morning sickness…yuck!  So we went over to her house to keep her kids (and mine) busy for a little bit.We decided to paint outside.I realized that painting outside is so much better.  Not just for the clean up either.  I’m not watching to make sure they don’t get paint on everything.  They don’t have to be so careful.  Look how much more fun it is.And cleaning up is so easy.This was a fun day.  I think anything outside is more fun.


Halloween Fun!

1 Nov

I’m bummed that I didn’t do anything for the kids costumes this year.  I’ve developed a pretty decent track record with Halloween costumes.  I guess it just got too crazy around here.  Every thing was borrowed.  Some at the very last minute.  I have no idea really what my oldest was.  My daughter wore her Character Day costume.  She’s Kaya from American Girl.

These cuties belong to my sister.  Fun fact…she’s only 11 months older than me!My favorite costumes maybe ever.  My sis-in-law and her craftiness made these costumes after the movie, Up.  She’s Kevin, my niece is Russell and obviously, Mr. Fredricksen.  My brother entertained all the kids with his helium voice from all the balloons.The kids were happy.  They had a great time going door to door with their cousins.  Twenty all together.We had one missing for this pic.One of my favorite parts of the night…the organizing and bartering of candy.  I love traditions.  Looking forward to everything coming up!