Catching Up

17 Oct

My month long “illness” has finally worked itself out.  I have a lot of catching up to do.My daughter’s class beach day.And my first attempt at a teriyaki chicken musubi that went over really well.Witnessing a beautiful act of love and friendship.A Football Game.My son’s class beach day.Our old neighbor and great friends missed us so much they came back for a week to visit.  A great dinner at PF Changs.Oh, and they did some work/school stuff since they were here too.Late night with Daddy.A great day at the zoo.  (side note: You can now pay for parking at the Honolulu Zoo by credit card…no more quarters!)He was so in to the map, he navigated us around the zoo the whole time. Peek-a-BooA failed attempt at what I hoped to be a great Halloween tee.  She was super cute,but ended up really creepy.  I guess I still achieved the Halloween look.Getting stuck in the “doll house garage.”And finally, her first time falling asleep at dinner.  This is how I feel right about now.  G’night!


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