My Oldest Is Nine

20 Sep

My oldest recently had a birthday and I can’t believe how old he is.
I know how much my kids love birthdays, but they make me sad too.  I do a lot of, “It was just yesterday that…”  I’m really sappy like that.I couldn’t have asked for a better oldest kid.  He’s cheerful and fun.  He has an incredible imagination.  When he’s playing, I wish that I was in his make believe world for just a moment.  He loves his family and his friends.  He’s so loyal.  Sometimes my sisters try to tease me and they say to him, “your mom’s crazy yeah?”  He always looks at them like, “No…my mom’s the best!”  I love it.He always writes me sweet notes about how I’m the best mom and the best cook and the best sewer and the most talented mom.  He even makes “Super Mom” logos for me.  He’s so thoughtful.  Once I said that we couldn’t afford something and since then, he’s always saying, “I don’t need that mom, I don’t want you to use all your money.”  It’s hard to believe that the kid who cried for THREE MONTHS STRAIGHT!!! turned out to be such a happy-go-lucky smiley kid.  I love his smile.  It’s infectious.  I love that he has an actual sparkle in his eye when he smiles.  He had a teacher who told me that once 🙂  I wondered if my husband and I were the only ones that saw it.A boy on his soccer team described him to his mother as, “the boy that always smiles.”  What a great compliment.  I love this boy.  I’m so grateful for his love of learning, his patience with us as learning parents, his love for God, his loyalty and his love for his family.  Son, I’m so blessed that God gave me you, sweetie.


2 Responses to “My Oldest Is Nine”

  1. kai-lan September 20, 2011 at 8:22 PM #

    What a handsome kid!!! Love you. (your mom is crazy)

  2. tmom September 21, 2011 at 4:23 PM #

    Awww!! Lucky Mom. Lucky kid. Love you, Hanu!

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