Finalizing The Homeschooling Space

16 Sep

For a kindergartener, the morning routine is often times the “meat” that gets the day going.  I’ve been so anxious for the Math Calendar to arrive so that we could finish up the homeschooling space since it will be the most important thing on the wall and we have to build everything around it.It was delivered yesterday (even though USPS said it was still in California and hadn’t moved since Aug 31…gotta love tracking!).  I think I was more excited than my student.  Although he was really excited.  So, we broke it out this morning and he put it together.  A few moments of screaming and tears as his lil’ sis was trying to get into all the pockets and the cards.Once he got it opened, I knew it wasn’t going to fit on the door I had planned for it.  What was I thinking????  So, I placed it here first. As you can see, it doesn’t fit great.  I was trying to keep it accessible to my kindergartener, but out of reach for the little tornado.  Although my place is rarely clean, it looked extra bad here because we had already started moving things around before I thought to take a “before” pic.It looked too cluttered, so I rearranged everything to make it work.  Here’s what we ended up with.I moved the high things to the other wall so that he could reach the pockets he needed to.  I’ll have to bring the white board down for him every day, but that’s fine.  He’ll probably end up wanting to just use a stool or something anyway.  The Step 2 Desk"" was an impulse Costco purchase.  The intention is to keep the little girl off the desk of the little boy and to give her stuff to do while he’s doing his stuff.  So far, it’s starting to work.

The best part about this whole space-moving thing.  My sewing machine has a home!!!!  Before we remodeled (one day I’ll post about the process), I had an entire sewing room/craft room/office.  Complete with lots of desk and counter spaces and storage.   We made a lot of changes to the new space and I lost my room…for now anyway.  Whether it’s in this house or another, I will get it back!  Sorry, I digress.  My sewing space is now sitting on one of our kids’ desks (which was being used as a stand for the dollhouse).  I haven’t sewed on it yet, but I anticipate that it  might be easier because the table will be a bit lower and it might be easier for quilting.  At least that’s my theory.  We’ll see.  Back to the homeschool/toys everywhere space.So, there you have it.  For now anyway.  By the way, I know that the “I love you alphabet” on the left side of the blue cubbies is way off centered.  It’s really there to hide a large red Sharpie mark from my tornado girl.I’ll have to find something to balance that space out.  Any ideas???


One Response to “Finalizing The Homeschooling Space”

  1. tmom September 16, 2011 at 4:18 PM #

    Very cute!!!

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