Sunlight Dancing In The Leaves With Watercolor Pencils

12 Sep

We were reading, “Little Red Riding Hood” today and came across the phrase, “the sunlight dancing in the leaves of the trees.”We stopped to discuss the metaphor and came up with all kinds of ways to say things like, “the wind is racing through the air” and some other crazy ones that didn’t make much sense.  Anyway, after the story, we went outside to find sunlight dancing on leaves.  Here’s a picture of what he found right away.He’s been dying to use his new Prismacolor Watercolor Pencils"".  I’ve been dying to use them too!  They are so cool.  If you weren’t aware of the capabilities of watercolor pencils (which I wasn’t), then watch this video.  Anyway, those leaves with sunlight dancing on them were the inspiration for his drawing/watercolor.  It was so fun!

Look at all those fun colors.
Here he is looking up at the leaves to make sure they look “just like” his drawing.
Here’s what it looked like before he added the water.He’s blending the colors now with a dab of water.And now for his finishing touches (clouds and sky).  He was very careful to keep some spots white to signify the “sunlight.”If you’re wondering why he’s using such a tiny piece of paper, it’s because watercolor paper is very expensive.  When we got his colored pencils, they came with this free pack of Artist Trading Cards"".  We thought it would be a good idea to use those now and save the big papers for his bigger and more art specific projects.I didn’t get to use them as I was busy trying to keep the human tornado from attacking the pencils, but it was so fun watching him blend the colors with water.  Hope you have a chance to try these!


One Response to “Sunlight Dancing In The Leaves With Watercolor Pencils”

  1. kai-lan September 13, 2011 at 11:39 PM #

    I was about to say something about the size of the paper. No pictures of the tornado?

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