Re-purpose Pants

12 Aug

My daughter got these cute pants as hand-me-downs.I love them because they’re a fun blue, they are lightweight and they happen to match a lot of her clothes.  She is VERY hard on her clothes.  She can be wearing a white skirt and she’ll walk into the yard, see a muddy puddle and just plop herself in it to start digging with ZERO consideration for the fact that she’s wearing WHITE!!  Or clothes at all for that matter.  So, as it goes, she ripped these at the knee.  Oh, and there were dirt stains on the knees (see blurry pic above).  I really didn’t want to throw them out, so we figured out a quick (as in 5 minutes) way to re-purpose them.  Here’s how it went.

First, we just cut them off at the knee.  These happen to have a seam right at the knee, so we used that as our guide.  I left about 1/8th of an inch from the cut to where I wanted the new finished edge.I don’t have a serger (yet:), so when I want a finished look and I’m in hurry, I just run a zig zag stitch.  Sometimes it’s wide and big and other times it’s almost a satin stitch.  I wanted something tight for this because I wanted the pink to stand out.  This is kind of tricky, but here’s how it goes.  When I ran the zig-zag stitch, I changed my settings to bring the distance between stitches and the width a lot smaller.As I’m running the fabric through the machine, the needle stitches just barely on the OUTSIDE of the fabric.  As in not going through anything.  Then, for the left side of the stitch, it lands exactly where I want the edge to be.  It’s not very clear, I was taking these pics in horrible lighting at night.  If you look closely where the needle is, you can see how the thread has pulled the fabric in nice and tight.This method sort of curls up the fabric almost making it look like a tiny cording.  Just run this all the way around the edge.Then, to make the color stand out a little more and to make it look intentional, I had my daughter select a decorative stitch and I just ran it quickly around the edges like this.That’s it!  A new-ish pair of capris!And a happy girl to go with it!


One Response to “Re-purpose Pants”

  1. tmom August 12, 2011 at 6:27 PM #

    cute! Sweet picture of her, too.

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