Citi Blocs

4 Aug

I used to be a teacher.  Kindergarten was my favorite.  Everyone knows that kindergaten has the best blocks.  I always knew that when I had kids, I would spend some money on good wooden blocks.  A few years ago, I did.  They weren’t as big as I’d like, and I actually got a pretty good deal on them.  I also spent the extra money to get the little organizer.Usually, I don’t do that, but that was probably the best investment.  The kids have used them almost every single day since we’ve had them (I’m guessing four + years???).  I was searching for more blocks to add to it and I stumbled up on these Kapla blocks on Amazon.  They looked cool.  But the price tag!  There had to be a less expensive version!  Then, I found these.Citiblocs.  They were significantly cheaper and they seemed to do the job.  I was trying to decide how many we needed, how much I wanted to spend, should I spend more for the colored blocks?  I’m a sucker for items with really good reviews.  I didn’t pull the trigger just yet.  The next day, I was walking through Costco’s fabulous Christmas toy aisle.  It was still fairly early in the season and I came upon the blocks!  The less expensive CitiBlocs and add to that, a VERY LESS EXPENSIVE Costco pricetag!  (The picture above is from Amazon for $67, but this is the exact box from Costco).  Long story short, I bought one box for $25 and then right before Christmas they were marked down to $10 a box!!!  Of course I bought a few.  Oh, and Costco reimbursed me the difference in price from the $25 box I bought too!!  Gotta love Costco.  I have to admit, at first, my kids played with them for a long time.  Then, they sat for days.  After many weeks, they started getting some use out of them.  And now, they love them.  I love them!  Today, I sat with my four year old and we made this: It’s nothing fancy, but there’s something relaxing about sitting and doing something repetitive. They really are very cool.  Check out this bridge my niece made.  The CitiBlocs website has a lot of ideas and it comes with a little book of ideas in the box.  If you’re looking for something different and you prefer wooden toys, I highly recommend these.  They are great for any age.P.S.  When my #4 was teething, these were great!!!!


2 Responses to “Citi Blocs”

  1. tmom August 5, 2011 at 8:48 AM #

    The first place I saw these was in the special needs class and they were so popular that, for two of the students, they were their chosen incentive item. (If they accomplished a task, they got time with the blocks.) I was so impressed with the complex structures they created with the simple blocks and they could work right at their desk. A big thumbs-up for CitiBlocks.

  2. beth August 6, 2011 at 8:11 AM #

    this was posted a day after you:
    they must follow your blog.

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