Marriage Advice – Date Night

10 Jul

comic by Nigel Sutherland

At my church, they always offer marriage and or family/parenting classes.  I’m one of those that likes classes and workshops and I’m always asking the hubby if we can go.  It’s been a few years, so he said yes to this one.  They are always lots of fun and you usually get to meet other fun couples.  Anyway, this one that we just took was mainly focused on marriage and this was by far our favorite.  The speaker for the six sessions was Doug Brinley, an experienced speaker.  He also teaches at BYU and he’s written a few books.  I think we were lucky to have taken his class since most people that go to his classes have to pay.  It’s usually part of a conference or a college course.  There was so much good information, there’s no way I could fit it into a blog post.  I thought I’d share one simple quote from tonight, the final class.  This definitely wasn’t the most important, but it was simple and true.  This one applies to me because we are really bad about making date nights.  We always say we’ll be better, but it always comes down to not planning and finding a babysitter.  I have lots of people that are willing, but you hate to always impose.  Then, when you consider the cost of a babysitter, the night can start to add up.  And my awesome babysitters are cheap too!  Really cheap!  I happen to have lots of great nieces. 🙂  Thanks to this piece of advice, I feel justified in making date nights a bigger priority.

Babysitters Are Cheaper Than Divorce!

I love that.


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