Party Photo Booth

6 Jul

Photo Booths at parties are all the rave these days.  At this particular wedding, the tables were filled with props.  The kids had a great time fighting over deciding who would use what props.  It’s kind of nice to have a live screen of yourself while you’re trying to take a pic.  You can use your best side.  If one eye is closed more than the other, you can adjust.  If you’re like me and just a few degrees to the right or left or up or down can add a few pounds to your pose, the screen is very helpful.

There’s a really big bright sign with an arrow that says, “Look Here!” towards the camera, instead of staring at yourself in the mirror.  Apparently, we didn’t “Look Here!”  We were all staring in the screen.  I also like how the pictures print just fuzzy enough to act as a natural blemish remover.  People pay big bucks for that service.

We obviously weren’t ready on the first one.  We got the “Look Here!” finally on this one.  The last one looks like he’s trying to inflate me! 

Ahhhh.  Fun times.


One Response to “Party Photo Booth”

  1. Traci July 7, 2011 at 7:49 AM #

    that’s SOOOO cute!! Don’t forget to scan and save! You know, before it gets dirty, lost, fed to the duck, eaten (by a kid), torn in a fight, flushed down the toilet, etc. . . Cause that would never happen @ my house (at least not “fed to the duck”)!

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