Melting Chocolate Or Candle Wax With EASY CLEAN UP

1 Jul

I remember melting chocolate as a kid.  My mom had all these molds that we’d pour the chocolate in to.  Popping the chocolate out of the molds was so fun because it always looked much better than you expected.

My sister, the baker is a pro at melting chocolate.  I don’t actually watch her do it much, but I can tell from the chocolate covered strawberries that come from her kitchen.  Seemed easy enough…just get the smaller steel pot over the bigger pot of boiling water.  It wasn’t too bad.  The chocolate melted fine and I made a ton of yummy chocolate covered almonds.  It seemed so economical!  Of course, being the Chinese girl that I am, I did the math and realized that it was much cheaper than buying the almond clusters (which have gone WAY up in price by the way!) from Costco.  All was well.  I was very pleased with myself.  Until I had to clean the smaller pot.  The one with the chocolate.  Yikes!  What a stinkin’ pain in the butt that was!  I almost just tossed the pot.

Well, my tip for today is the solution to my messy problem.  Use a washed out tuna (wash it out really good so it doesn’t smell fishy!) can in place of the smaller pot.  When finished, just toss it!  If you happen to buy canned chicken, it’s actually a bigger can making it easier to keep water out of the chocolate.  Use tongs to remove the pot from the boiling water.

Here’s a pic of me doing it.  The little people who live with me interfered in such a way that I wasn’t able to take a “finished” picture.  Just imagine a chocolate lined chicken can floating about an inch away from my hand as I’m tossing it into the trash.  Make candles this way too!  Add a few drops of scented oils to scent them.

**By the way…I do not recommend using chocolate chips.  Use real melting chocolate.  It melts much better.


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