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Tilex on your clothes?

30 Jun

Tilex gets it white!  I’ve just never had good luck with bleach.  It seems when I let things soak in bleach, not much happens.  One day I was cleaning my sink.  I sprayed Tilex.  Apparently, I leaned up against the counter because I had a solid white line on my navy blue t-shirt.  So, I thought…if it took the ink out of that shirt that fast, why not try it on something else.  Thankfully, in my home, it didn’t take long before I had something to work with.  I took my daughter’s t-shirt.  She just had a smoothy (her shirt got some too) with mixed berries, so it was dark purple.  It was all over her.  Her t-shirt was a light yellow and not white.  I figured a lighter yellow was better than berries, so I shot away with the Tilex.  Instantly…within seconds, the color of the stains faded.  I don’t know about you, but my bleach never did that for me!  So…I started going to the Tilex for LOTS of other things.  It gets mildew (you know the ugly gray spots…if you live in Hawai’i, you know what I’m talking about) really fast!

And just to prove it…here we go.  This is a 100% cotton fabric.  Left to right, Teriyaki Sauce, Prego and Orange Juice concentrate (the frozen can).

To be fair, I did wash it before spraying so that you can see where the difference lies.  I didn’t let it dry.  If you are working with a dry piece of fabric, the results seem to come quicker.  I guess because it’s not watered down.  This is after the wash.

After 15 seconds.

One Minute.

Two minutes

And finally, after three minutes and a quick rinse.  Isn’t this great?!  It gets me every time.

Some things you should know if using Tilex on your clothes:

-Always use a test area first…if it’s strong enough to change colors before your eyes, I’m sure it could destroy a garment if not careful.

-Don’t spray too close or your “tilex stain” will be obvious.  At least 10″ away when you spray.  I’ve sprayed an entire garment a few times just to “even it out.”

-Works best on white, but multi-colored clothing with white in it or light/pastel shades do okay too.

-Screen printed shirts or shirts with embellishments do great.  The Tilex doesn’t bother the printing and the embellishments are usually pretty resistant because of the materials used.

-Do not let it sit like you would bleach.  Again…this stuff is strong, so as soon as I see the stain clear up, I rinse it with water.

-Sometimes it takes more than once.

-You can use it on clothing that’s already been washed and dried (old stains).

It’s not perfect on everything, but it has done a few miracle fixes for me that make it worth while.

It’s definitely NOT organic…and it’s full of chemicals!  So keep that in mind when deciding what’s best for your family 🙂


Parenting kept in check

29 Jun

My four year old said this:

Mom…(cousin’s name here) said his mom said he can’t come over.

I told him to try again because maybe she forgot that she said, “no.”

You know how sometimes you and daddy forget?

comic : Drew Dee

Cooking for Love…and Positive Reinforcement

28 Jun

My son cooked with me a bit more extensive than normal a few weeks ago.  That afternoon, I got a card.  The cover read, “Dear: The Best Mom (in a SuperMom logo) ever!”  Inside: “I Love Mom (heart with an arrow).  Dear Mom, I am so very glad I have you as a mom.  I like when we cook together.  You are truly the best mother a child could have!”  If that isn’t a perfect example of positive reinforcement, I don’t know what is!  Well, I’m a big believer in keeping your kids home if you can during the summer (vs. summer school).  I understand it’s not always possible, but in our situation, it works and I love it.  And not just because I don’t have to wake up early.  I promised him we’d cook often this summer.  After reading this post on my Martha Stewart sister’s blog, I made good on my promise and I decided that I would actually let them cook the ENTIRE meal.  Not just pour here, stir there.  So…mushroom burgers by a 4, 7 and 8 year old…with a little help from the one year old.

My son…you know, with the positive reinforcement…he was in charge of the burger part.  He absolutely loved getting his hands into the raw meat.  I have a friend who has two big sons and a carnivore husband and she doesn’t touch raw meat!  I guess she does funny things like hold it at a distance with tongs and stuff.  It cracks me up when I try to imagine her preparing meat loaf (which she says she doesn’t do anyway).  Wouldn’t that be fun to watch?

I was planning on intervening for this part, but he did a great job.  I got to keep my hands clean!

This is my task oriented kid.  I really think he can be the designated rice cooker from now on.  He wanted, “NO HELP MOM!”

One thing’s for sure.  We’ll have really clean rice with him.  The white water really irritated him.

I wish I had a pic of the look on his face when I told him that he would be using the stove.  It was almost enough to be on one of those, “We’re going to Disneyland!” commercials.

My mushroom girl.

The first few were a little “smashy.”  It’s amazing how quickly kids adjust when we don’t intervene.

It wasn’t until I saw this picture that I realized there was NO FIGHTING the whole time!

Can you tell she was just dying to get in on the action.  She thought it was cool to sit up on the stool and hold a knife.  I know…a one year old and a knife (gasp!).  Before you go calling CPS on me, a “responsible person” was standing right behind her.

This person was equally excited about using the stove.  Again…wish I had a pic of that!

Everyone’s working hard in the kitchen except me!  Well, and I guess the little guy caught eating the mozzarella.

Oh there…he’s back to work.

Mmmmm.  Well, it really did taste great.  Even if the cheese guy was eating on the job.

She called dibs on the “I’m enjoying it” pic.It really was a LOT of fun.  They did everything from beginning to end.  I didn’t even have to wash my hands once!  It took about four times as long.  And we didn’t start Family Home Evening (FHE) until about 8:30pm…but it was definitely worth it.  They’ve been talking about it all day today.  It surprised me how capable they were of doing everything.  I’m looking forward to the next one.  I just need to start a bit earlier this time!

Review: Amy Butler’s Little Stitches for Little Ones

27 Jun

My Friend Melissa is super thoughtful.  So thoughtful that when she saw this book, she thought of me and grabbed me a copy.  I’ve always wanted this book…mainly for the diaper bag pattern.  But I couldn’t justify the price tag.  Thanks to Melissa, you really can’t beat FREE!!!

This cover alone makes you want to open this thing up and start sewing!

This envelope on the inside cover holds all the patterns.  Very handy dandy!

I’m just dying to sew the diaper bag.  It’s so perfect…so stylish and definitely usable after diapers and bottles.

Aren’t these blocks adorable?  I’m thinking that by the time I get to these, I’ll have to fill them with sand (or rice) as my kids will be old enough to want them as bean bags.  Having these darling babies as models makes all these outfits and accessories enticing.Here’s an example of the diagrams used in place of actual photos.  Many of the patterns don’t have any diagrams and most just have a couple.  Also, notice the nice spiral binding to this hard cover package.

I love the practicality and cool-ness of this diaper changing station.

I am currently working on this little book.  This project requires the use of printable fabric paper.  The fabric paper suggested does not come cheap.  I found this super cool tutorial online for creating your own fabric paper using freezer paper.  Someone suggested soaking your fabric with a borax mixture (5 gal water, 1 C borax) as it will release a lot of the fabric agents making it easier to take the ink and make it more permanent.  I also considered just stitching regular photos instead of fabric for this one.

Bed Bugs!  The name alone makes you want to create these.  I have no use for these and my kids would probably never play with them.  I wonder what it took to get this baby to look like she is enjoying them.  But aren’t they cute?  Don’t you want to make them?  Just because!
I love the stitching in the ditch-ing on this quilt.  And that laundry bag!  Wouldn’t it be fun to take that bag grocery shopping?!My final say…

I love all the great pics that this book has to offer.  The pictures alone are inspiring and make you want to whip up these heirloom-ish baby things.  That being said, most of the pics included will not help you when actually sewing the item together.  The author uses diagrams.  I think she probably could have at least doubled the amount of diagrams in the book and it would have made the book more accessible to sewers on any level.  If you don’t have sewing experience, you may find yourself frustrated with a variety of patterns.  On the other hand, if you do have sewing experience, you will probably be improvising with techniques that you already use to accomplish the specific task.  You might even eliminate some steps.

I would recommend taking her patterns and drawing/copying them and reading through the instructions at least once…possibly twice.  There are a few instances where she calls for more fabric or materials than you really need.  She also uses a wide variety of materials (i.e., different types of interfacing).  This can crank up the cost of your overall project…sometimes making it less expensive to just purchase the item.  On the other hand, all her items are VERY well made.  They are all of very high quality when complete.  Definitely high-end boutique worthy.

For me, I would’ve definitely purchased this book had I viewed it this in depth before it was gifted to me.  There are so many unique ideas in here I just wish I had more time to do them.  If you are used to sewing with online tutorials (there are a number of us in the blog world who do that), you may have to adjust for the lack of detail and pictures for each step.  Anyone receiving any of these gifts will definitely appreciate it (except maybe those darling bed bugs).

A Timely Assist

26 Jun

My #2 put my #4 to bed for the first time.  No driving the neighborhood, stroller walking, bouncing or shushing long enough to feel too tired to even get ready for bed.  On a night when my body aches, this is big.  In the morning I’ll have to make sure she knows how much it meant to me. 

Ward Camp

25 Jun

We went camping with our church at Kakela Beach.  Our favorite camping spot!  We camped through one of the worst thunder and lightning storms most of us have ever experienced…and we did wake up to a homeless person one morning sitting in our chair and wrapped in my nieces princess towels…and as wet as it was outside of our e-z corner, it was still a lot of fun.  Here are a few pics from that fabulous week in June. 

This person loved all the freedom she had this week.  Free to play outside…free to eat chips and other snacks.  Lots of cousins around to take her wherever she wanted to go.

Enjoying a sunny afternoon

I love how happy everyone looks in this one.  You have to click on it to see the faces, but I think it will make you smile.

Happy Boy

We only get to see Sara when Beth is home.

The next three pictures tell the story

This is serious

The men were traveling from tent to tent to pick up the kids and take them to the main tent for our ward dinner.  After they dropped off the first load of kids, the kids all ran back through the rain to get under there again.  It was funny.

Poor baby…she’s almost 18 months in this shot and it was her first time (post walking) that she’s been to the beach!

The Triple Threat

You can’t see the rain for some reason, but it’s actually pouring

Dad’s signature pose

Dodge Ball

Happy Girl

Now the Kashi

24 Jun

So, maybe my sister’s comment from yesterday’s post, “Tell me when you start feeling like its a journal of your daughter’s “adventures”! : )”comes from her own experience:

5:30…hubby is on his way home from work and we’re on the phone:

Me: Honey, I just can’t justify 4 bags / week of Kashi.  It’s the MOST expensive cereal available!  And then there’s nothing left for the kids since your snack is about half the bag.  Can you just eat one bag per box and the kids can share the other bag?

Hubby: That’s fine.

5:45…this happened

I texted the pic to the hubby and he texted back, “That was THEIR bag!”